May 27, 2018

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The underlying printing process employed by laser printers is known as Xerography, and is characterized by no liquid chemicals being used. A laser beam is used to transfer an electrostatic image to the photoreceptor drum. However, 2 closely related printer technologies rely on the use of either LED’s or LCD’s to produce an image on the photosensitive drum. This brings both advantages e.g. cheaper to manufacture and have a smaller footprint, but also disadvantages e.g. lower resolution, when compared to conventional laser printers. Given that all 3 print processes are Xerographic in nature, it is common for them to be grouped under the generic term ‘Laser Printers’ in many magazines and websites.

As you will discover, Tabloid Laser Printers have numerous advantages over other types of laser printer and competing printer technologies, and it is for these reasons why they are so appreciated by businesses both small and large.

In addition, as the price to performance ratio of wide format laser technology continues to improve, Tabloid Laser Printers are now found more commonly in the home office environment. The ability to be able to print high quality, wide format documents and other media in high volumes now opens a world of opportunities to everyone and is no longer the reserve for just large businesses and corporations.

Various Types of Tabloid Laser Printers Including LED and LCD Variants

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